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Get ready to play this ultimate sonic game, Choose between Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream in this free online flash sonic game.

Sonic is taking a stroll in mario world today in this fun and addicting sonic side scrolling game. Play as sonic in super mario world.

Play this platform sonic the hedgehog game where you collect the golden coins in this fun online sonic game. Get ready for some fast paced sonic action.

Play this fun sonic the hedgehog bowling game. Send sonic in to a spin dash down the lane at the pins. Can you and sonic bowl a perfect game?

Play this classic Sonic The Hedgehog level from all of the sonic games that you've played on your consoles. Get ready for Sonic in Angel Island.

Sonic the hedgehog has made his debut in the pacman world. Play as knuckles in this free online sonic flash game. Can you beat this classic game with a sonic twist.

Enjoy this challenging Sonic The Hedgehog trivia game. Test your sonic the hedgehog knowledge and see just how big of a sonic fan that you really are.

They have kidnapped Amy Rose. Sonic has 60 seconds to try and rescue her. Can you help Sonic The Hedgehog get Amy back?

Help Sonic The Hedgehog through this crazy maze while gathering the golden coins and avoiding the spiked walls in this puzzle adventure sonic game.


In this fun sonic the hedgehog game you can design you very own sonic the hedgehog character. You can change the hair style, body, shoes, arms, legs, hands, and much more on your sonic the hedgehog character. Just how customized can you make your sonic the hedgehog character look?

Play this great fun sonic the hedgehog puzzle game that resembles the addicting puzzle game collapse. Do you think you can match up the sonic characters to beat these challenging levels in this puzzle sonic the hedgehog game?

A Flash recreation of the much loved Sky Chase Zone from the all-time classic 1992 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game, featuring Sonic wing-walking on Tailss Tornado plane, and including a final battle with Dr. Robotnik.

Battle it out with sonic the hedgehog in this all out knock em out free online sonic the hedgehog game. You can choose from various Sonic the Hedgehog characters, the main ones being Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and Knuckles. So get ready for some beat em up Sonic the Hedgehog action.

Sonic the hedgehog and his friends are back in this fun tetris style puzzle game. Sonic and his pals even help you out in this fun free online sonic game.

Sonic the hedgehog is known for his speed. He's back with a vengence this time riding a motorcycle in this free online sonic racing game.

Sonic the hedgehog is back and ready for some xtreme action. Can you help sonic collect all the golden rings in this free flash sonic the hedgehog game?


Help sonic the hedgehog stack blocks up in the columns style arcade game. Match the symbols to remove those blocks. Help sonic clear the board.

Soic the hedgehog has teamed up with the final fatasy crew to bring you the fun addicting rpg style sonic the hedgehog game to play online for free.

Are you prepared for this Sonic The Hedgehog multi level rpg game? Even full motion sonic the hedgehog videos between levels. Enjoy this sonic rpg game.

The alter ego evil Shadow The Hedgehog through this crazy side scrolling flash game. Can you help Shadow destroy the enemies in this sonic style online game?

Play this sonic the hedgehog whack a mole game with the sonic crew. This addicting sonic flash game will have you playing online for hours. Can you whack sonic?

Enjoy this Sonic the hedgehog flash racing game that was a remake of the McDonalds sonic the hedgehog happy meal toys. Can you guide sonic through the race track safely?

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