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Try to kill all the bad guys with this Green version of Sonic, test your skills for this challenging game.

Help Sonic Blast is way through the Asteroid Field, if your hit its Game Over.

Get some serious air and perform some major cool tricks in this Sonic 3D Snowboarding Game.

Spice up Sonics Life with this fantastic colouring game, add a splash of colour to see how crazy you can make him look.

Test your Sonic knowledge in this take of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Quiz, answer all the questions to win Big.

Dr Eggman has unleashed Mecha Sonic, and is currently causing havoc around the City. You must Stop him, you will have to play through a number of zones destroying enemies, solving puzzles, defeating bosses and collecting final zone keys.

Test your skill on this Sonic the Hedgehog arcade style Pinball Game to rack up as many points s possible.

Collect all the Golden Coins, but how fast you can do it determines your score.

This Sonic Surfing Game is fantastic, surf round the obstacles to defeat the Evil Dr Eggman




Chose Sonic, Knuckles, Tails for this Xtreme version of the game, you can aslo unlock Amy Rose and Shadow.

Control Sonic through the obstacles by holding the mouse to move up and down to collect the golden coins

Create your own version of the SonicVideo Game Level. Drag and drop the props to create your perfect scene

A War is on between all the Sonic Characters in this one on one Duel. Fight to the death in this all action game.

Play this classic space invaders game but with Sonic, move left to right and fire away those bad enemies.

Launch Sonic at huge speed out of the Cannon and collect the gold coins to unlock new characters.

Piece back Sonic in this 5 level puzzle game, compete against your friends with the highscore leader board.


Watch this first in a series of Sonic RPG episodes.

Watch Part 2 in this first in a series of Sonic RPG episodes.

Watch this Second in a series of Sonic RPG episodes.

Watch this Third in a series of Sonic RPG episodes.

This Sonic Test Run Game is an awesome Battle Card Game, play with Sonic and Shadow

Play the original Tic Tac Toe but with Sonic, play 2 player or with the computer

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